What Makes This So Special?

The scope of the service goes beyond the standard physical exam. The extensive history and examination is designed not only to identify present issues but to expose risk factors that could affect your health in the future. The most common medical issues threatening wellness such as cancer, heart disease, kidney disease, strokes and others are not only targeted by the examination and history but also by lab and imaging studies that go beyond routine exams. Reducing risk factors and early detection can change not only the length of your life but the quality of your life.

“It is a huge relief to receive such a high level of service and still remain in our own province, developing relationships with the great specialists that we have in our own system.”
Nutritional and Physiotherapy Assessment

Our proactive detection system and expert advice is multidisciplinary. The health assessment includes expert assessment and advice on nutrition, specific to your needs that are disease targeted or activity targeted.

Physical fitness and lifestyle is assessed identifying the special needs of every individual from injury prevention to improving health and fitness. (Our staff, knowing your specific needs, can also make themselves available to help motivate and coach you going forward if you should wish to employ their services in the future, following your assessment).

Assessment Results

As a final step, all your assessments from the multidisciplinary team and your tests will be compiled to generate an extensive complete evaluation. We will identify risk factors and more importantly we will provide you the solutions and advice to a longer and healthier life.

Detailed Review and Discussion with Client

You will receive a detailed written report including your test results and our findings, assessments and recommendations. Our staff will meet with you on a one- on- one basis and review the final report and answer your questions in detail in a relaxed, personalized and comfortable setting. We will outline a suggested program targeted specifically to you on a path to staying healthy and achieving a better future.

We were extremely impressed with the entire Prota team, the time spent getting to know us, our lifestyle and our personal and family health history.
Going forward

What is more important to you and your family than knowing you have taken an active role to a healthier future?

Beyond that, what can be more reassuring than to know we are here to help you along the way if you should need us? By taking advantage of our additional services*, we can help you achieve your journey to a healthier future. We can help to motivate you, coach you and monitor your progress in helping you achieve your goal to better health. After all, your health is our business.

*Some services are available for an addition fee while others may be covered through insurance policies or the Canada Health Act. Feel free to call us for more details.