“It is a huge relief to receive such a high level of service and remain in our own province, developing relationships with the great specialists that we have in our own system.”

Our Process

Prota Clinic was created with a philosophy to provide you the proactive detection and advice that will help you improve your health, your quality of life and life span.

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In-Depth Medical Exams

The process begins with a thorough medical examination and a detailed review of your medical history. Additional tests will be ordered to supplement our assessment and to help generate our final recommendations.

Dietary Needs Assessment

Our qualified dietitians will explore your nutritional needs. They will tailor and implement a program to optimize your dietary needs and reduce risk factors on the road to better health; as a core part of your program.

Physical Risk Assessment

Physiotherapists will identify risk factors that may affect your physical health such as recurrent injury, falling risks, poor strength and cardiovascular risk, and design a custom program to help minimize these risks.

Qualified Medical Analysis

When all results are received and assessments are completed, our team will review the findings with you and make our expert recommendations. Our staff is driven to help you to achieve better health in all aspects of your life