Venous Clinic Assessment

We begin our process with a clinical assessment incorporating your history with your concerns . This is followed with a physical exam. We then review our analysis with you and start to plan out a strategy suited to your expectations. Presuming our client wishes to proceed, we will most likely need to perform an ultrasound assessment. We can perform this test onsite to complete the assessment and formulate the correct treatment plan suited specifically to you.

By using an ultrasound exam, we can look for underlying causes and associated issues that may need to be addressed to achieve success. Ultrasound scans for example, can reveal feeders to the superficial veins and varicosities and more important venous insufficiency. The scan is completely painless and is a radiation free technology.

“[Dr. Balageorge] is very skilled and experienced at what he does and my leg looks amazing now and I am very happy with my results.”

An ultrasound exam can identify the pathology down to the deeper veins which cannot be visualized otherwise. It can expose venous insufficiency which often causes the visible superficial veins. If venous insufficiency is not addressed at the same time as the superficial visible issues, it can lead to the recurrence of varicose veins or spider veins. Hence, this technology helps to improve our accuracy of the assessment and treatment.

Once we have completed our assessment, we will take the time to help you understand our findings and to outline an effective treatment plan in line with your wishes and expectations. We will explain the options and the technologies at our disposal. At this stage, we will also be able to give you a cost of treatment and outline a payment plan if needed.

A treatment plan can last weeks to several months depending on the extensiveness of disease.

There is an initial assessment cost that we will need to charge you prior to a treatment plan being established. Depending on the extensiveness of the treatment plan, we may be able to apply some of the initial assessment cost towards your therapy depending on what is required as treatment.

Our quotes are an all-inclusive fee of treatment that is final despite the number of ongoing treatments and follow up visits or assessments required to meet our goals, presuming reasonable expectations. Our fees will include all costs such as procedure costs, supplies or items you may need ( such as compressions stockings or dressings).